Posted by on Mar 2, 2013

In February 2013 Dagmar von Tschurtschenthaler visited Barefoot College and the night schools. Here is her report:

“In the night school Jalia ki Dhali I asked the children what they did during the day; Teja Ram ji translated. Most of them herd goats or water buffalos; some take care of younger siblings; others work at home.

When I asked her whether they liked to go to night school, all nodded enthusiastically, and even when asked if they liked to do their homework. Some kids just had their younger siblings with them; two of them looked as if they were no more than three or four years old.

I asked them what they wanted to do after night school. The girls were very shy and whispered to each other. I let them write their wishes down on paper. Two

Then it was the children’s turn to ask me questions. They wanted to know why I have orange (=blonde) my hair, how I got to the night school and why I asked them so many questions. Then I told them that in Germany all girls go to school and get a job, and that this is very important – and that they can do it, too.

Finally we said goodbye. I thought for a long time about the girls’ faces, about how serious they looked but also how shy. I hope that eventually they can lose their shyness, become self-confident young women and that one day their wishes will come true.”