Foto Aktuelles  zugeschnitten Productive partnerships are an important basis for our work. Our partners and supporters are individuals, organizations, institutions and the Barefoot College. All together make an important contribution to our development and our growth.

Barefoot College

The Barefoot College is a non-governmental organization providing basic services and solutions to problems in the rural areas – this it has been doing for more than 40 years, sustainably and effectively. ‘Barefoot solutions’ look like this: offering education for all, supplying the villages with solar lamps, providing clean water, assisting in livelihood, and mobilizing the population. With a geographic focus on the least developed regions in India, the Barefoot College believes strongly in the empowerment of women as agents of sustainable change.

Amamundum Interkultureller Freundschaftskreis e.V.

The Amamundum interkultureller Freundeskreis e.V. is focussing on the unbiased encounter with people of India and the establishment of direct contacts and personal friendships. An important activity is the implementation of fair trade travel, in direct contact, the association supports social projects and facilities. Local friends make sure that aid arrives there where it is needed. Amamundum as a part of its study trips checks the sustainability of the commitment.

Michael Wunsch

Michael Wunsch, aka Schnuw, has worked with Children for a Better World as an intern in 2011. He supported the organization in implementing an impact oriented reporting system for its India project. Michael Wunsch is also the designer of this website and the concept creator.