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The Barefoot College Education Program

The Barefoot College sees education as a key element in order to get disadvantaged groups in India out of poverty. Its training program is focused on the holistic development of children of rural areas; literacy is only part of it, it is particularly important to the Barefoot College to provide practical knowledge and skills.

With its education program Barefoot College intends to raise the children’s awareness for their environment and the social, economic and political forces, dominating development.
The Barefoot College is working with a “bottom-up” approach, i.e. involving villagers and village committees to come up with jointly taken and appropriate decisions. It ensures that teachers, parents and children participate actively in the management of their schools.
With its approach, the Barefoot College changes the village community’s awareness about the importance of education, especially for girls.

The Barefoot College is also working actively with the children. It wants children to learn participation. Therefore, it has launched a “Children’s Parliament”. There the children learn about the importance of democracy and the rule of law, understand the power of the ballot and realize how important it is to choose candidates based on performance and not on caste, belief or sex.